review 2006

i lost some very important friends and my family is broken, but i found the love of my life.

this is all which is neccessary to tell about this year.. so let's hope 2007 will bring something good

1.1.07 16:36


monday monday

ohje i am sitting in the libary with lisa because we both did not know that the first lessons are off... sad indeed but what shall we do... so the last week of school started before we have off and then our pre-finals.. which means three exams and a month without school.. jeppaa.. well the last week was exhausting but passing fast and so was the weekend.. well actually it was really boring again... i think the peak was maddins birthday party even it was a bit empty... at least he liked his present.. hihi like a little child with wide opened and shining eyes... well that's woth it i'd say... soo well any plans for the week?i guess no...

ohje it is soo depressing while lisa and me are sitting in the libary a 9th grade is taught here.. and everything i can say is that they are really embarrassing.. unbelievable they made it to be in that school.. one should really tell them how stupid they are and that this institute may not be the right for them... lol the teacher said:" it's funny how stupidity always dominates the rest" it's such a shame people like that are on this school....

friedrich Schiller Hauptschule ahoi!!!

4.12.06 09:04

sunday sunday

sunday sunday

boring as always... the weekend was funny... went to play Poker at dennis' place.. well i did not win but since we were playnig for 5 hours only interrupeted by ciggy breaks.. i felt my self out of mood... saturday was funny as well.. i went to raoul and we played a funny online game.. well we won we lost... as it goes...

i can write hebrew now with my computer.. and i think from time to time i will annoy all of u with that.. so get prepared... ahh caro is forcing me to play with her now so... well no news again no news will folow...

have  a nice sunday everyone... good luck

26.11.06 12:45

melli pelli in jena town

salut to everybody

we  (martin matze shai and me) are in jena town right now to visit melli and gabi. so we sit in mellis apartment... platte á la carte and prepare meal right now... schnitzel!!!! so we've done a lot of stuff so far.. jena, weimar, Buchenwald, cave... and more stuff

while shai and me were sleeping in the living room... matze was sleeping in gabis room.. our little mm couple.. shared the presidential suite.. damn it i also want such a comfortable bed... hm.. well it#s is not the nicest area but.. it's okay.. at least they made something ncie out of their apartment... well we had a lot of fun.. pictures are to be seen under my pix/ germany take two...

have fun

30.10.06 13:37


shalom to everybody...

 after i have not been using the old account for ages (since february) i decided it is about time to give it another try. U may wonder why it is in english.. well since i made a lot of friends in israel who are very important to me i want to give them the chance to take part of this as well... and i think all my german friends will be able to understand me even i write in english...

so i already talked about israel... well since the last time i have been to israel two times and my friends visited me in july. uf there would be so many things i could write about but i think it is just toooo much.. so many amazing things... it would take ages to wrtie all of it down... and since we all know i am a really lazy person i will maybe just sum up some facts...

1. melli went to study in jena town... and i miss her like hell... so i will use this place melli to tell you a few things... first i want to thank you for spending the past three years with me the way you did. i know it is not easy with me at all.. it is rather really complicated and nerve killing... your friendship became so important to me even it was all a kind of accident.. i just remember the bus incident.. so maybe a little thank you to the music which formed our first base. ach mellanski i cannot tell you how much you mean to me... so many things happened these three years.. and day by day u became more important... actually the most important person in my life. i cannot count the times you saved me from doing something stupid or surrendering to the abyss whose edge i just know too well... i know that the friendship we have is a friendship that will last forever even we will one day live hundrets of kilometers away from each other... it is really hard to name all the things i am thankful for so i found just a few to list: friendship, walking on glass barefood, helsinki, discussions, laughters, tears, honesty, food, kakao, walks, nice places, memories, riding bikes, green waves, hope, open ears, an open heart, shelter, trust, confidence, music, concerts, family, knowledge, dorfparties, baby 1st, blame, screaming, and showing me what real friendship is like


2. another great person entered my life.. this is one of the things i would have never imagined to happen but.. as life goes... i found love.. in israel... hehe some may say.. uff it is too far away but i decided.. it is so hard to find good things which feel right so.. what the hell it is just israel... so shai... hehe.. i wrote u a lot of letters in which i tried to explain what you mean to me but same with melli.. it is somehow just impossible.. i am so thankful i have met you... you as well made me stay alive the past few month without you and melli i would have not known what to do... so thank you for that... meeting you was also a kind of coincidence. if shula would not have asked you to come around to get to know me or you would have been ill or too lazy or tired lol.. i would lack a great person in my life... i thank you for: love, your eyes, hands, lips, mind, thoughts, jokes, smiles, balcony, knowledge, tears, feelings, shelter, tza's, nuh's, strange noises, showers, accidents, conversations, light, hope, trust, fidelity, culture, honesty, friends, a future, ideas, sun, warmth, motivation, creativity, inspiration and strength.. toda neshama

אני אוהבת אותך נשמה שלי


okay now i am too lazy to go on... a few words to the rest later


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